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Finland's edge in the global healthcare scene


Globally, Finland is renowned for its high standards and know-how in the healthcare sector: the country is ranked the best place in the world to benefit from new information and communication technologies, and it is globally number two for dynamic businesses to flourish. Finland's competitive edge lies in its competent and highly educated workforce, as well as enabling business and industrial ecosystems.



The Finnish competitive edge in the health sector include:


  • Care Support Products and Technologies

Finns are pioneers in inventing elderly and disabled care solution. Especially active aging is getting a stronger foothold within the industry, and the methods are being adpted throughout the world. In this area, there have been major breakthroughs and million-dollar deals in healtcare export: for example, Finnish active ageing solutions are in high demand in South-East Asia.


  • Established R&D and commercial expertise

Finnish research has the speediest path from the laboratory into clinical diagnostics technology and treatment methods.


  • Globally recognized R&D and solution based centers

Healthcare and biotech know-how effectively covers the whole country. Particularly the four biotech clusters concentrate in various areas of healthcare expertise, including bioinformatics, genomics, neuroscience, drug development, gene and sell therapies and biomedical research.


  • Imaging and Non-Invasive Measurement Technologies

The core of imaging and non-invasive measurement technologies is in creating user-friendly systems and solutions. The use of high-tech and non-invasive systems are common throughout the public healthcare system, university hospitals and private clinics.


  • Healthcare technology and monitoring systems

Finland continues the tradition of inventing innovative healthcare solutions: alongside many discoveries, the heart rate monitor and the intrauterine device, are currently globally standard methods. Finnish wearables are more and more in demand due to their design, development, piloting, clinical trials, and manufacturing procedures.


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Reliable environment and competent partners


Transparency, quality, efficiency and reliability. These are all qualities associated with Finland, and the reasons why many international health sector companies establish business partnerships here. The Finns are highly educated, technologically savvy and reputably honest. Here you can be assured of working with reliable and competent people.

These are also the reasons why a growing number of international patients are choosing Finland for first-rate medical diagnosis, treatment and care. The Finnish maternity package is famous around the world, a symbol of Finland’s successful welfare state model that has made it one of the top countries globally for mothers and babies as well as forming the foundation for the good life expectancy of the Finns.

Finland’s comprehensive and high-quality healthcare system also reflects other national strengths. For example, the Finnish education system is consistently rated among the best in the world and Finnish learning solutions are being adopted in many other countries. Long-standing Finnish expertise in information and communications technology is also visible in the innovative eHealth and other solutions developed by Finnish companies.

It is the combination of all these factors that makes Finland such a reliable and dynamic environment for partnerships as well as a prime destination for patients looking for world-class treatment.